Compassionate Pet Care

Founded in 2022, AllCompanion Pet Care began with a mission to provide specialized dog walking and pet sitting services for reactive dogs. Over time, our commitment expanded to include comprehensive care for dogs, cats, reptiles, chickens, and many other species.

We prioritize Fear Free training and ongoing professional development for our caregivers, who are all certified in Fear Free care, First Aid, and CPR. Your companions’ safety is our top priority. Our services, catering to furry, scaly, and feathery family members, are backed by insurance and bonding, reflecting our dedication to exceptional and secure pet care solutions.

Our Mission

AllCompanion Pet Care is committed to revolutionizing pet care by prioritizing animal well-being, strengthening the bond between guardians and their beyond-human companions, and promoting a harmonious connection to nature. We aim to create a nurturing environment that enhances lives while respecting the autonomy of all beings and bringing joy through adventures and community reconnection.

Our Values

Our Team

Drae Solberg

Founder & Companion Caregiver

Prounouns: they, them theirs

Meet Drae Solberg, the dedicated founder and caregiver of AllCompanion Pet Care. With a childhood surrounded by canine and murine companions and a passion for advocating for the misunderstood wolves of their home-state of Idaho, Drae’s journey led to diverse roles in wildlife conservation and animal rights — including farmed animal sanctuary care and wildlife rehabilitation.

Driven by a desire to challenge stereotypes and advance animal rights, Drae’s expertise expanded through a dog-training apprenticeship, shaping the compassionate approach of AllCompanion Pet Care. Specializing in the care of fearful, reactive, and anxious companions, Drae’s commitment to dignity and compassion extends to every being, from wolves to their cherished cat kids — and well beyond.

Drae’s commitment to ongoing education guarantees the welfare of all clients. Supported by the AllCompanion Pet Care community, Drae aims to foster a world where every being is cherished and respected. Alongside providing top-notch care, they endeavor to educate local families on fostering healthy interspecies relationships and promoting sustainable living practices that honor the interconnectedness of all beings and the land, sky, and seas beyond.
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