Dog Walking

Your dog’s well-being is our top priority at AllCompanion Pet Care. Our fear-free walks are designed to bring your furry friend back to their natural state, encouraging them to explore and sniff the world through their powerful senses. During these walks, dogs lead the way, maintaining healthy walking behaviors like a loose leash, healthy decompression habits, and managing reactivity.

We prioritize quality over quantity, emphasizing a focus on the individual needs of each dog rather than simply covering distance. Unlike pack walks, which pose safety concerns, we are open to offering paired walks for well-socialized dogs, ensuring a personalized and secure experience. Contact us if you are interested!

Our services go beyond standard dog-walking offerings. Whether indoors on frigid winter or humid summer days or during outdoor park adventures, we provide above-and-beyond care. Your dog will have ample playtime and be encouraged to explore, returning home with new stories.

Rest easy knowing our caregivers are trained in dog first aid, behavior, and force-free training, ensuring your pup’s safety, training, and overall well-being are in capable hands. We keep a watchful eye on them, ensuring an enjoyable day of exploration for your furry companion.


Express Walk

15 minutes

A brief bathroom and sniff break outside.


Standard Walk

30 minutes

A relaxed and leisurely sniff session and stroll through the neighborhood.


Extended Walk

45 minutes

A relaxed and extended stroll through the neighborhood.


Super Walk

60 minutes

A neighborhood adventure as a more fulfilling option than a short stroll or brief potty break.

Pricing is dependent on the frequency of visits and the specific care your companions need.

Hiking Adventures

But, wait! There is more than walks with AllCompanion! We also offer fear-free doggy adventures tailored for adventurous, non-reactive dogs. From local trail and store explorations to Sniffspots playtime, your furry friend can practice training skills in a secure and joyful setting. With a focus on quality over quantity, our fear-free walks encourage natural behaviors like sniffing and exploration. Before local park adventures, bonding sessions ensure eligibility. While we prioritize safety and avoid pack walks, we welcome well-socialized paired walks for a personalized experience. Elevate your dog’s experience with trips to regional or state parks, camping, and hiking together. Ensure your dog lives life to the fullest — reach out to schedule a fear-free adventure with AllCompanion Pet Care today!

What is included?

Medication administration

Pet mess cleanup

"Report Card" daily updates

Unlimited communication

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